General Conference

Local girl to be featured in international video


In preparation for the General Conference of the United Methodist Church to be held beginning April 24, The Advance chose Hadley Davis, 10, of Bartlesville, to be featured in a video highlighting ways to give. Davis was one of only six selected to speak on her mission-giving efforts through The Advance. The Advance is an accountable, designated-giving arm of The United Methodist Church that ensures 100 percent of each gift reaches its intended mission or ministry.

A little over a year ago, Davis was sitting in her home church, Oak Park United Methodist Church, with her family and a plea was made for monetary donations in response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. She, along with her mother and sister, had been making earrings and bracelets for fun since that summer. Davis mentioned selling the jewelry to earn money to give through The Advance to United Methodist Committee on Relief. UMCOR is often the first “feet on the ground” response to many natural disasters and catastrophes.

Davis and her family sold their earrings after church one Sunday, donating 100% of the proceeds through The Advance to UMCOR for the Japanese response efforts. Since then she has continued to sell her earrings in response to such relief efforts as the Tushka tornado, the Joplin tornado and, most recently, the 2012 early-spring tornadoes throughout the Midwest. Her efforts have seen over $1,000 donated through The Advance for UMCOR. When the General Board of Global Ministries heard of her efforts, they chose to include her in a short video to be shared with the General Conference of the United Methodist Church, an international gathering of leaders, ministers and laity to take place in Tampa, Fla.

A film crew spent one Sunday with Davis, going to Sunday school and church with her and then spending the afternoon and evening with her and her family and hearing of her heart for giving and responding through The Advance to UMCOR.

“Knowing that all of the money goes to that disaster really makes me feel good about donating through my church and through The Advance,” Davis says. “It also makes me feel good knowing that I have a talent that can be used for good and can raise money for those who have lost everything they have. I know that if I lost everything, I would want someone to care enough to help me, too.”

The video will be live-streamed during the April 29 worship service at the General Conference. More information about exact times can be found at the United Methodist Church’s website:

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