Our History

The universal church began with the event of the resurrection of Christ





and the giving of the Holy Spirit.

The gospel has been proclaimed at Oak Park since 1960.  The original congregation had worship and Sunday School in the wing of the present building that points north.  The main sanctuary was built in 1972.  The office and classrooms that point west were built in 1992.  Finally, the fellowship hall was added in 2003.

These wonderful facilities are here to enhance the Life of Christ in the hearts of the people of Bartlesville, just as Christ touched the hearts and lives of the early Christians 2000 years ago.  Christ is here today!  His powers are here for us, if we seek Him, especially in the following ways:

Prayer: Open your heart, letting down your “walls” to God; Ask for His will to be done in our lives and our world

Worship: Experience the power of the preached word of God and the doubled power of a group of people in unity basking in the presence of Christ

Bible Study: Learn about the living God through what He has done; find out more and more of “the truth that will set you free”; begin to understand why your world is as it is

Loving God and Others: Find peace through giving what you have received from God; be prosperous in this life through being a source of joy to others

This is what we strive to be and to do at Oak Park United Methodist!

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