Our Church

Our church is committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible and confirmed by the personal blessing of the Holy Spirit.  Christ’s death and resurrection have made it possible to love, grow, and give to others.  That is good news!

God has called us to be His light in a world needing redemption from sin and bondage to self and others.  We see all around us that the life based on self-indulgence does not work.

Again, the self-centered life does not work.

We seek to bring God’s graces into the center of our hearts by inviting His Presence inside us.

Christ-in-us can bring inner harmony and good relationships out of the chaos, anger, and loneliness of self-centered living.

Oak Park Church serves others by 1) Worshiping God in Christ, 2) Providing quality ministry to youth, 3) Exploring the Meaning of life through The Alpha Course, 4) Uplifting other churches and ministries through Tiling and other missions, 5) Stitching blankets and shawls for ministry to the needy, 6) Hosting Oak Park community events, such as OPCA.

We welcome you to join us in ministry to others and growth in your own heart and relationships!  We are all ordinary, imperfect people.  But we can do great things together!

Rev. Don Jones

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