Can freedom last without faith in Christ? Not really!

Two very subversive sermons on Exodus, God, and human freedom

The first lesson is that GOD IS IN FAVOR OF FREEDOM!

The second lesson is that sinful human beings naturally beat up on other sinful human beings, so that our natural state is for the strong to rule the weak.

Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution contain a separation of powers that intend to keep TYRANNY from happening in the government.  But consider this quote from Benjamin Franklin, a founding father who participated in the writing of both historic documents:

“…only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.  As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

It’s true: We need at least the MORALITY of Christ as the norm in our country or we can become corrupt and vicious.  Have you seen corruption and viciousness in the news recently?  I believe you have!

America is getting meaner.  Franklin believed that mean people need mean rulers to control them.  No matter how strong a constitution is: It cannot save us from a tyrant government, unless people have the moral character not to corrupt the laws and enslave the people.  In some ways this is happening now.

I hope people will think twice about becoming less a country “under God”.  If the nation turns away from God, we may lose our freedom along with Him.

Two sermons on this: June 28 and July 5

You may have a friend who needs to deal with this subject.  If so, please forward this message or make a contact.  Please invite anyone interested in the threats to freedom in our country and our world.

I am available after the service to arrange a time to listen to people who need to share on this topic.  I’m eager to listen.  I don’t claim to have every answer, of course.  But I am prepared to present a biblical view and listen to other views.


Rev. Don


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